ANS Coins is the highest cash paying diamond buyer in the Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Quakertown, and Lehigh Valley, Pa area. ANS Coins is always looking to buy your all of your diamonds you might have.

ANS Coins pays the most cash for your diamonds that are set in 10k, 14k, 18k, 21k, 22k, and 24k gold jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, platinum and or any loose diamonds. A lot of other cash for gold, gold exchange, or gold buyers will only pay for diamonds that are a .5 half carat or more while we purchase all diamonds from melee diamonds (.01 to .22 carats) to 243 carats. If you have diamonds either loose or set in rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces will pay you cash for these diamonds for your diamonds. ANS Coins is familiar with the IGI, EGL and GIA certified diamonds. ANS Coins will purchase both white and or colored diamonds from you for the most amount of money in cash.

What are melee diamonds? Melee diamonds are small diamonds from .01 carats to .22 carats. This diamonds are not worth much but are found in a lot of jewelry, and ANS Coins will pay you more than any other diamond buyer\, not all diamond buyers will pay you cash in the spot for your melee diamonds in your jewelry, a lot of diamond buyers will just pay you for your gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, palladium jewelry, or sterling silver jewelry and not the diamonds, ANS Coins will pay you for both.

ANS Coins have jewelers and diamond buyers from all over the world looking to buy diamonds from us. There is a lot of jewelry with diamonds that is worth more than just melt, we can pay more than melt value for your jewelry if it has diamonds in them, which means more cash in your pocket for your jewelry.

ANS Coins is always looking to buy round diamonds, princess diamonds, emerald diamonds, asher diamonds, marquise diamonds, oval diamonds, radiant diamonds, pear diamonds, heart diamonds, and cushion diamonds. ANS Coins wants to buy all diamonds certified or not. ANS Coins also buys broken, chipped, or cracked diamonds.

Want to know who pays the most and the best prices for your diamonds? Then come on in to ANS Coins and get the most money for your diamonds. ANS Coins pays you the best prices in the area for your diamonds in any shape, cut, or color. We have trained diamond personal on staff at all times ready to help you sell your diamonds and pay you in cash for your diamonds.