ANS Coins will purchases all of your broken jewelry and unwanted 8k, 9k, 10k, 14k, 18k, 21k, 22k, and 24k gold jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, platinum jewelry, estate jewelry, antique jewelry, and even all your costume jewelry. ANS Coins is not your average gold buying, jewelry buyers, gold exchanges, or cash 4 gold stores. ANS Coins knows what pieces are more desirable and can sell for more, which means we can pay you more for these items.

ANS Coins sorts through all your items accurately looking at each item carefully to see if we can pay you more for the items than just plain melt value. Items such as diamonds and desirable gemstones that we will pay cash for (most places do not pay for small or melee diamonds or large gemstones).

Let me tell you about our process so you know what to expect. We first sort the items out into bins by metal and by purity the gold jewelry, going from 24 Karat (.999 or 999), 22 Karat (.916 or 916), 21 Karat (.875 or 875), 20 Karat (.833 or 833), 18 Karat (.750 or 750), 14 Karat (.585 or 585), 10 Karat (.417 or 417), 9 Karat (.375 or 375), or 8 Karat (.333 or 333).

ANS Coins also purchase sterling silver jewelry would be marked .999 (pure silver), .925 (sterling silver), .900 (coin silver), and .800 silver.

ANS Coins also pays cash for you platinum jewelry and pay you cash for your platinum jewelry is usually marked as .900 Plat/.100 Irid., .900, or .950 or just plat. ANS Coins will weigh your platinum jewelry out and pay your platinum in cash based on spot platinum prices at the time.

ANS Coins then sort out the costume jewelry and check to see if there are any better or more desirable items such as antique, or brand name items. ANS Coins weighs up all the items and pay you cash for your costume jewelry.